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Survive The Affair And Stay Together

Women Are Worthy

August 6, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Do you ever question your worth as a woman?
Have you felt paralyzed by the challenges you face?
Does moving ahead seem like too much of an effort?

Ettie was challenged in those areas and more, so she is
well equipped to help you overcome and soar into the
fulfilling life of YOUR dreams.
Have you buried those dreams under years of “stuff”?

Read Women Are Worthy and you will begin again to
see possibilities and potential instead of just problems.
Ettie has crafted this life-changing book to help you:

  • Discover your worth
  • Take action
  • Soar toward your goals

In Worthy Are Worthy, Ettie asks the question” Why perch like
a chick when you can soar like an eagle?

Why indeed!

Women Are Worthy Key Point

One of the key takeaways from this powerful and poignant book
is that women must believe in their worth. This is not something
that anyone else can give to you.

Rediscovering or taking back your self-worth is an intensive and
life-changing endeavour.

But as you will learn in Ettie’s intimate sharing of her profound
life lessons, skills and strategies designed to empower you, the
effort is well worth it.

It’s time to get up read, Women Are Worthy, get off that perch
and begin to soar like the eagle you know you are!

Mary Has Husband Problems

July 4, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Mary has husband problems – he has cheated on her – and she wants to forgive him because:

She still loves him
This is the first time he has cheated
She wants to save her marriage

Mary is not neither a fool nor a “push over”.

Which is what her family and friends are calling her because of her desire to save her marriage.

It seems that very few of those in her circle are willing to support Mary.
But marriage is between two people and only they should decide if there is something salvageable
left in the relationship.

Before she found herself in this devastating situation Mary always wondered if she could ever
forgive such a betrayal in her marriage.

Now she knows she wants to forgive her husband and take a more active role in trying to prevent
another lapse.

Could you forgive a cheater?

Mary knows that forgiveness will take time and forgetting will never happen.

The two questions that she wants answered before she proceeds with the work to save her marriage are

Does my husband feel empathy for my hurt?
Will he work to ensure it does not happen again?

Regardless of the fact that her family and friends are encouraging her to “leave” and “get out” Mary
feels that the better option for her is to stay instead of running away.

She has seen too many of her friends run from marriage to the next only to repeat the same challenges
of the previous one.

Adultery in a marriage – as painful as it can be- can be viewed as wake up call to a more engaged and
dynamic relationship.

There is much work required to mend what is broken and build a new more honest union.

Couples are a team and no matter how well-meaning outsiders are they should not have a deciding
role in decisions that affect how the team operates.

Mary is determined to make this true in her marriage.

Get your own copy of “Getting From Hello to Forever Together” to read more on forgiveness
in your relationship.

Make Your Spouse Talk

March 23, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Make your spouse talk to you is a misnomer as you cannot
actually ‘MAKE “anyone talk with you unless you use force.

I am sure you WILL not resort to that!

However, the easiest way to get your spouse to open up and
communicate with you is through positive “talking” on your

How to Talk So Your Husband Will Listen: And Listen So Your Husband Will Talk

Let them know that you respect and care about them and also
how it makes you feel when they shut you out.

Rejection! Lack of intimacy! Concern that something is
wrong with them or the relationship…
Do Not Nag!

Read: How to get your spouse to talk to you 7 tips for engagement

Remember, you cannot actually force your spouse or partner to engage
in a dialog with you but you certainly can make it appealing for
them to want to do so.

You do this by not shutting them out yourself…
You know: when they are not talking to you, you do the same …
as in the “revenge shutout”!

You withdraw with the attitude “I don’t know what’s bugging you” and I
have other things to do besides trying to read your mind!
Well, not only is that petty, but when you repeat that behavior it could
seriously harm your marriage or relationship later on.

“Why”, you ask?

Because, your mate might interpret it as your lack of caring about him
and the relationship.

I am sure that is not an impression you want him to have!

Degrading or eroding your love, care and respect for each other is
not a way to build a loving long-term life together.

It is important that you pick the right time and place to have this
conversation with your beloved.
Not when they are watching a much anticpated sports event on TV or
when they are tired from over-time at work.

Pick a quiet time free from distractions and say plainly that we really
need to talk.

Look into their eyes and let them know that this is very important to you…
then tell them that their recent lack of communication is causing you
to worry about the relationship.

Remember, your spouse is not a mind reader and neither are you …

Looking for some quick actions to refresh your marriage?

Read: 15 Minute Marriage Makeover

Make Your Spouse Your Friend

March 3, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Make your spouse your friend by talking honestly and respectfully with
them, to them and about them.

There are some valuable insights in that seemingly obvious observation.

Many of us SEEM to have lost the ability to communicate our feelings
from a place of authenticity and compassion for the other person.

Especially when the other individual is an intimate connection such
as spouse.

We think that the nature of the relationship gives us the right to be
as off-handed as we feel like being.

It would be more beneficial for your relationship if your spouse and you
became friends before beginning your life together.

But sometimes many couples are so carried away by passion and chemistry
that they forget that marriage is for the long-term and will need more than
sexual attraction to weather the arguments and disagreements ahead.

Yes! There will be a time when you will argue with each other.

I know that is hard to imagine when you are both just getting to know each
other and are both on your best behaviour.

But there will be times when one or both of you could be so angry that you
cannot even stand to be in the same room together.
Hopefully, you will love each other and be mature enough to work through
these times and decide to remain in the relationship.

If you have made your spouse your friend then sitting down to talk  out your
problems out should be easier.

Why Do Affairs Hurt?

February 15, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Sexual and emotional affairs hurt and even though the pain is real what is the real reason?
Some victims of a sexual affair say they feel betrayed and rejected when their partner cheats.
Others are more angry than hurt even though the anger is really coming from a place of pain.

How would you respond to your husband or wife’s sexual or emotional affair?

Do you make a distinction between  sexual betrayal and emotional  betrayal ?
Is there a difference in the damage done by the illicit sexual affair of a spouse
and that caused by their inappropriate emotional intimacy with another?

Learn how to stop emotional affairs in your relationship

Read Emotional Affairs: Why They Hurt So Much …

Please leave your comments …

Cheating Can Never Be Excused

July 28, 2015 by Yvonne Finn

Cheating can never be excused no matter how well reasoned the arguments presented …
to yourself, your partner or anyone else.

What is the reason you cheat and what is the end game?
Cheating emphatically demonstrates that your current relationship is not fulfilling or
satisfying to you.
Did you just get up one morning and decide that or did it take time to get to that realization?
The reason I ask that question is because I want to know if an affair is the only solution to
this situation.

Wouldn’t it be more honorable to discuss your dissatisfaction with your spouse to see how to:

  • Either fix the relationship, or
  • Leave it and find a happier life with someone else

Many cheating spouses claim they are happy in their marriages and that cheating is only
about physical attraction?
Really, who are they kidding?

I do not care for or respect cheaters and nothing they say can make me understand
why they do it.

Infidelity greats so many victims!

It is one of the most avoidable painful events in your relationship.
Cheating is disrespectful to your partner, your family, yourself and even your
cheating accomplice.
Even if you are honest about not leaving your marriage then what is the point of
Where is this extramarital relationship going?

In my opinion it is far kinder to let your spouse know that you are not happy
in the marriage and want to leave and find someone else.
Yes, that will be very painful, especially if your mate was unaware of your

But that makes you both free to go and find love again.


How To Sincerely Accept My Cheating Spouse

July 13, 2015 by Yvonne Finn

I want to learn how to sincerely accept my cheating spouse and then survive the affair together.

This is an extremely difficult AND painful situation for any spouse to accept in their marriage.


Because when you accept someone who has hurt you it means that you must be able
to separate them from their
error actions and seeing their good points too, and that is what
the cheated on spouse will
need to do and keep on doing in order:

  • To survive the affair
  • AND save the marriage

Actually, in these circumstances,  “accepting” is even more important than “forgiving”.

The cheated partner in the marriage must focus on all the good things that they love
about their cheating spouse in spite of the hurt and betrayal unleashed by the affair.

It has been said that you can “hate the sin, but  still love the sinner!”

To sin means to make a mistake and that is what an adulterous affair is, unless of
course your cheating spouse has become a serial cheater and demonstrates that they
no longer respect and value your relationship and life you are building together.

Discover How To:

  • Accept a cheating spouse
  • Survive an affair
  • Save your marriage
  • And stay together

Survive an Affair FREE course
Click here and learn how to survive an affair (FREE course from Dr. Frank Gunzburg)

Once you have made that decision, then you and  your cheating spouse can then agree
on whether you will work this out on your own, get professional help or use a 
combination of both those strategies.

Learning to accept a cheating spouse and surviving an affair will be exhausting.
It is painful
work and sometimes you will feel like just giving up and starting fresh
with a new partner.

But, I caution you to remember that having an affair does not have to end your marriage
if both partners still love, value and respect each other.

Accepting a cheating spouse does not mean that you condone their betrayal of you and
your marriage and it certainly does not mean that you accept blame or even their
rational for having the affair.

At this point in the healing process, it simply means that you are willing to see a happily
ever after future together again.

Get Immediate Help Right Now and Survive The Affair

Click here now to get access to your free Survive An Affair eCourse

Of course, just because you have accepted your cheating spouse and want
to save your marriage does not mean you wont have some trust issues.
Learning to overcome your battered faith in your spouse will take some
effort and the following article by MarriageSherpa .com does an excellent
job of showing you how to re-build your trust in your cheating mate…
Rebuild trust in your cheating spouse